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      Carpet Cleaning Leamouth was cheaper than other office cleaning contractors. It made sense to hire them based on the price quote they provided. It made even more sense after I got a taste of what they had to offer. Making them our regular team was a no-brainer after that initial experience
Violetta E19/05/2020
     After our tub overfilled and spilt water everywhere in our basement, we needed a good cleaning service. This company did all that we asked for! We couldn't believe the results!
G. D.20/09/2019
     My parents recently hired LeamouthCarpetCleaners to help with domestic cleaning as they don't have the mobility to do a lot of it anymore, and also didn't want to waste time doing cleaning. They were very pleased with the work that was done, so much so that they recommended the service to me, knowing I was looking for a bit of help. The team came to do a full assessment less than a week after I called them, and have been doing regular cleaning sessions for me ever since.
Gillian Giles28/11/2018
     The carpet cleaners went about their work with a great deal of care and paid attention to detail. The end result was a clean and beautiful rejuvenated carpet. I can't thank Carpet Cleaning Company Leamouth enough.
G. Spence27/02/2018
     I had a great cleaning company to sort out my workplace. My office was getting a state and I didn't have time to sort it. I hired LeamouthCarpetCleaners to sort the job and it was wonderful to leave it to the experts. The cleaners arrived on time with their equipment and products and began to sort out the mess. The cleaners worked nonstop and it was completed quickly and looked wonderful. I am now going to use the cleaning service every week to keep everything in order.
Stephen Campbell24/11/2014
     Mattress cleaning is not the easiest of things to get right and I have tried and failed to clean our mattresses effectively myself in the past. Happily LeamouthCarpetCleaners have a team of cleaners that are highly skilled professionals in the field of mattress cleaning. They got our mattresses looking as good as new in quick time and I was really impressed at how swiftly and effectively they worked. I have now booked them for a regular cleaning job at my home and that has been going brilliantly!
     I have a bunch of lovely little curios and mementos around the house from my world travels and they are prized possessions, both in terms of sentiment and monetary value. I did not want to take a risk with just any old cleaning company and researched quite a bit to find one that's known for its professionalism and experience with delicate/ valuable objects. When I came across LeamouthCarpetCleaners I knew I'd found the perfect fit and after a couple of projects with them I can happily say my intuition was right. The house cleaning team is a pure delight to work with and I can rest easy knowing my things are in good hands.
     My friend helps to run a cafe down the road from me, and he does pretty much everything himself. This tended to leave him stressed, so I recommended a cleaning company to help take some of the strain off. LeamouthCarpetCleaners did a fantastic job with the cleaning of my home, so it makes sense that they'd be able to handle a cafe too. It turns out they did, and he now has a lot more free time not having to tidy up after those hectic tea-time rushes! We were both impressed with the work that they did, and would heartily recommend them to home owners and business owners alike!
R. Richards29/08/2014
     I'd like to thank everyone at LeamouthCarpetCleaners for their help in regards to the request for a house cleaner I made two weeks ago. I would especially like to thank the girl I spoke to on the end of the phone (sorry, I can't remember your name) because the cleaner that arrived was wonderful and did everything I wanted to be done. It's nice to know there is a company out there that really does do what it promises to do. I need some specialist cleaning done as well in the kitchen soon and I'll be contacting you for that. I look forward to being a customer of yours for the foreseeable future, thanks again.
Lea Naismith13/08/2014
     With so many things to think about when it comes to getting your home cleaned, it can be a really tough job to find the right professional company in order to help. I spent years trying out different companies and I spent years trying to find the best service for me. It wasn't until I found LeamouthCarpetCleaners via a friend that I found someone who I was really happy with. The amount of effort and care that they put into each piece of cleaning is exactly what I have been searching for and just what I need every time.
Chris Miller04/06/2014
     In many ways, there is a lot to be said for ensuring that you are getting the best deal possible on your cleaning. I was with one company for a number of years, but after checking some other quotes out, I found I could get LeamouthCarpetCleaners to do the same job for a lot less! I have not regretted the move, as they have revolutionized the way in which I go about the house work, no longer worrying about getting everything properly scrubbed, as I know that the cleaning team will have it looking great, and for an excellent price!
Lola Stanley29/04/2014
     I hadn't had my carpets cleaned in a year or two, so when I did, the change in color was naturally a bit of a shock! You never really realize quite how much of a difference all that dirt which accrues over the years can make, and it is quite a shock to see the original color come out again! The people from LeamouthCarpetCleaners explained all of the different methods to me, and it was nice to get to understand all of the different processes that go in to it all, which made deciding on a method that was right for my needs.

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